Each member of our team was chosen specifically for their talents, their integrity, and their passion for doing innovative work. Our Asheville web design, website development, and digital marketing team makes the connection with your business, your values, and your goals. We don’t mold team members into a pre-existing mission statement. We bring on the best talent, but only if they already value what drives us and know how to put that into action. Living our values is not a challenge at Integritive — it’s simply a way of life. You’ll know it when you see it. Our work speaks for itself.

Why Integritive?

Integritive team onsite at a Habitat for Humanity build.

What We Value


Sincere, honest candor. In practice, we listen to each other and listen closely to you, we honor and respect new ideas, we do what we say we’re going to do, and we tell the truth.


Understanding the human side of business. We strive to comprehend the essence of your company so we can help you communicate that core. It’s a real pleasure to get to know the people that show up (not by accident) at our door.

Mindful Growth

We trust our instincts and grow at a pace that fits us as a team. Our success is inextricably tied to your success. When you grow, we grow.

Meet the Team

Doug West


Doug is a people person.  He knows the individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a company work.  His advice is… if you want to work in a Silo… then go work on a farm.

Joy Kirk

Office Manager

Joy is the smiling face you’ll see as you walk through the doors of Integritive! She is detail oriented and loves to create efficiency and support to our team and clients. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, going to concerts, and interior design.

Ruth McMahan

Project Manager

For Ruth, project management is like putting a puzzle together.  With an eye for detail, patience and the drive to succeed, she makes sure all the pieces fit just right.  Outside of work, Ruth enjoys hiking and looking through her collection of recipes for cooking inspiration.

Garnet Fisher

Project Manager

Garnet seeks to create understanding. She is always looking for that moment where everyone is on the same page. By balancing creative strategy with design and production, she makes sure that each point of view is considered.

Eric Boone

Project Manager

Eric is a self-proclaimed renaissance man with a background in communications. He loves helping people bring their ideas to life and takes pride in a job well done. When he isn’t trying to save the world, one project at time, he enjoys trail running, playing music, writing and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Travis Medford

Lead Designer

Travis is passionate about the visual language of design. Organizing information in a visually pleasing way excites him. He is driven by the creative process from conception to execution while embracing the challenges that are met and resolved along the way. He fuels his own creativity through his family, skateboarding, and a steady practice of mixed media art making.

Jeremiah Lutz


Jeremiah plays games in his free time, but doesn’t play around when it comes to coding. He wholeheartedly agrees with the mantra “code is poetry”. Coding may have strict rules, but he always manages to turn his projects into something beautiful.

Chad Nance


Chad is one of the quietly cool presences that filter through Integritive’s doors each and every morning. Unfazed by the most challenging programming issues, and genuinely curious about sleuthing solutions to a variety of technical questions, Chad simply gets things done — often with “Garage Land” by The Clash faintly heard through his headphones.

Jamison Bell

SEO + Digital Marketing Specialist

Jamison connects communities with businesses. He brings over 15 years of experience in Google strategy, 10+ years in Social Media, and has worked in digital marketing capacities for such companies as Amazon, IBM, and Morgan Stanley throughout his career.

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