4 Things You're Doing That Are Harming Your Website


site vulnerabilities

Today, it's not enough to just have a pretty website. If you don't consider ongoing procedures for design, security, and upkeep, you could create a website that’ll be more harmful than good to your business reputation. That’s why you should be aware of and prevent site vulnerabilities when you own or manage a website. Here are things you may be doing with your website that are creating harm.

1. Lack of Security

When it comes to site vulnerabilities, injection attacks are among the worst as they allow an attacker to alter backend SQL statements by changing user-supplied data. These injections, according to Guru99, can also alter HTML, OS commands, and XPaths. As a result, sensitive data can become exposed. This lack of security has become responsible for company-wide data breaches that have increased over the years. These attacks could completely override a website and alter the content.

2. Unorganized Navigation

Imagine clicking on a website and not being able to find the information you need. Before a website goes live, your team should plan how to categorize information. These main categories should be the basis for your navigation bar. Think about your second and possible third levels of navigation, as you want to keep viewers engaged as long as possible. Poor navigation creates an equally poor user experience, which most viewers won't tolerate as there are plenty of other websites they can utilize.

3. Outdated Plug-Ins

The right plugins can help your website run easily. However, plugins can become outdated. When you don't change them out accordingly, they pose a security risk. In addition to adding to the list of site vulnerabilities, unused plugins can weigh down your website and make it run slower.

4. Automated Media

People are heavily attracted to good media, whether it's photos, slideshows, videos, or podcasts. However, a positive user experience gives the viewer control over whether to view or listen to such media. If the media is automated every time they load your website, it can become annoying and overwhelming.

These are some things to consider when optimizing your website and using it to remain competitive. Managing and being aware of site vulnerabilities can help protect your content and secure information. When you hire a digital marketing company, you have professionals who can handle these issues. Contact us today at Integritive to learn more about site security and marketing.

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