Anatomy of a Winning Facebook Post


Most of us would love every single one of our Facebook posts to go viral. Thousands of likes, shares and comments, exposure to new potential customers…what’s not to like? But the reality is, not every post is going to catch fire. However, there are some tried-and-true ways to ensure that your Facebook posts are solid and get more attention than just a couple of likes. These posts that garner attention organically— i.e. without any monetary boosting—are the posts that you do, in fact, want to consider putting even just $10 towards. Why? Because the market has already vetted them for you and indicated that it’s worthy of attention and therefore worthy of boosting with a little Facebook advertising dollars.

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Take the post above, from local website and app company Dig Local Asheville. The post netted 64 likes—nothing to sneeze at when considering that this kind of attention means it garnered a lot more impressions than a post that only receives a few likes would receive.

We dissected this post so you, too, can create solid yet simple posts for your page this week.

1. Location tagging

Tagging locations and other Facebook pages is a great tactic because it shows support for other businesses in your community. It also increases the likelihood that the tagged business will share your post or at least see that you’ve tagged them and perhaps return the favor in one of their upcoming posts. So, you’ll have more chances to get in front of their audience and be exposed to new potential customers.

Social media is about giving, and the more your give, the more you’ll receive.

2. Humor

Instead of just posting, “Having fun at Food Truck Friday!” and tagging the Taste & See Food Truck and Shops at Reynolds Village, Dig Local opted to add a little (adorable) humor and highlight the picture itself in a cute, clever way. This extra thoughtfulness makes the post that much more likable and shareable.

3. Taste & See Food Truck tagged

As mentioned, whenever you can tag another business, it’s a good idea because they feel the love and will likely return that appreciation. It also ups the possibility that you will get in front of their audience, who in turn could become your fans, too.

4. Adorable, real-time photo

This update was posted during the event in real-time. Anyone scrolling through his or her phone at the event might be enticed to go see this cuteness in person and thus be further exposed to the Dig Local brand. Plus, kids doing adorable things are usually a win on social media.

5. Branding without selling

In this post, Dig Local does not try to sell viewers anything. However, the super-cool corn hole boards show off their logo, mission, and service in a visually compelling, memorable way. Subtle, yet effective.

6. Profile picture

Dig Local’s profile picture is their logo, perfectly cropped for the profile dimensions. No letters are cut off, and the colors are eye-catching. It’s also not stretched awkwardly and will represent them well whenever they post, comment, and share on Facebook.

What is one of your Facebook business page posts that you’re most proud of? Show us via link or screenshot on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/integritive.

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