Common Mistakes You Don't Want to Make With Your PPC



Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines can be a very effective way to generate more online visitation and sales of your goods or services. Most people consult the internet before buying goods or choosing services to hire. Online search engines like Google are where most people go to research items and learn more about different things. PPC marketing enables your website to appear at or near the top of the first page of search results for relevant searches, but it doesn't happen automatically. Here are common mistakes people make that thwart their PPC advertising efforts.

Having a Substandard Website

User experience is a critical factor in making your website an effective marketing tool for your business. You need to ensure your website is engaging and relevant to the terms that people are using for searches and for which you are bidding with your PPC campaign. According to User Guiding, visitors generate a first impression of a website in 2.6 seconds. You need to make sure your website can generate a very positive first impression to keep those visitors around and make your PPC efforts work.

Not Tailoring Content for PPC Marketing

You can't make your PPC marketing work if you don't have good content to support it. You need to produce unique and engaging content that is relevant to the search terms for which you want your website to rank at or near the top of the first page of search engine results. The content has to hold the interest of those who choose to click on the link to your website based on the search terms they used. The longer visitors stay, the better Google, Bing, and other search engines will rate your website and reward it with higher rankings on the search engine results pages.

Ignoring Your PPC Campaigns

You can't just create an initial PPC campaign, fund it, and forget about it. You need to pay close attention to the campaign and use the correct types of tracking to learn what is working and what isn't and make the appropriate changes to maximize the PPC results. When done right, PPC campaigns deliver lots of useful data that you can review and interpret to learn what changes are needed to make your PPC campaigns more effective. You also can use that data to generate new content that will work better.

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