How to Entice Readers to Click on Your Website


Thousands of clicks compete for attention daily on the internet. There are millions of searches every hour. However, many searches don’t result in users clicking on anything. According to Search Engine Journal, over 62.5% of mobile searches and 34% of searches performed on a desktop are considered zero-click searches. So, how do you get users to click on your website? Read on to discover the secrets top websites are using.

Image Searches

Most companies make the mistake of relying on keywords, but there are other search tools to utilize. Image searches, Google Lens searches, and people randomly stumbling across images continue to increase in popularity. Take the time to make sure photos are high-quality. Use unique ideas that don’t come from a site like Shutterstock to stand out. Finally, optimize your images. Include captions and proper image titles encompassing the keywords you want to rank for. Tags are another great way to organize pictures and increase your click-through rate.

Video Searches

Video searches continue to increase in popularity as well. Include a video in blogs on your site to highlight the post in search engine results. Occasionally, Google will place videos next to the title in results, enticing users to click on them for you. Always include a video for how-to posts to increase your chances of appearing in video searches. After users see and enjoy the video, they’re more likely to check out the rest of your site.

Meta Tags

A meta tag is a tiny paragraph in search engine results under a heading. First, optimize the meta tag and heading with keywords to ensure you rank in search engine results. Then, make it sound enticing. Use the same tone as the rest of your website, such as severe or upbeat and happy. Then, encourage them to read more. Avoid giving them the answer to the question in the meta tag. If users can see the answer, they don’t need to click on your website.

Working with an SEO or digital marketing agency can instantly help you entice more readers to click on your website. We can ensure that your headings and meta tags are optimized perfectly, but that’s not our only service. Contact Integritive to learn more today.

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