How to Increase Organic Website Traffic


organic traffic

Organic traffic is the bread and butter of every website. It helps businesses find loyal customers and ensures that bloggers stay relevant. However, organic traffic doesn't just show up. The adage if you build it, they will come doesn't apply to websites. Instead, you must follow these sites to increase organic website traffic.

Redesign Your Website

According to 62% of marketing companies, websites should be overhauled every 2-3 years. That's because they can look outdated over time. Old themes can also slow down your website, ranking it lower in search engines.

Create Engaging Content

Search algorithms consider several things when ranking websites and articles. One of those things is your bounce rate. A bounce rate is how long visitors stay on your website. For example, if a visitor clicks on the result, goes to your website, and then leaves quickly, it will give you a high bounce rate. To increase your ranking and, therefore, your organic traffic, you'll need to craft compelling and informative content that will compel visitors to stay on the site.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is when a website is optimized to help it rank higher in search engines. As you can see, there's a common theme: the higher a site ranks in search engine page results, the more organic traffic it will get. Learning SEO is time-consuming but well worth it. If that's not an option, hire a marketing agency to handle the SEO portion of your business.

Be Unique

Writing and publishing a few words will not be enough. Scraping content is another thing you should avoid. Search engine algorithms quickly pick up on websites that aren't unique and often penalize them by ranking them lower. Instead, strive for unique content. Take your pictures if you can, too. The more original a website is, the more traffic it will get.

Give It Time

It's common for businesses and website owners to publish a website and wonder why it's not gaining traction in search engines within 1-2 months. However, this is surprisingly common. It takes time for a website to gain traction and for SEO methods to work. It's important to remember that you'll reap the rewards of what you sow when you practice patience, especially regarding websites.

Getting organic website traffic requires knowing plenty about SEO, search engine algorithms, how to use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and more. Contact our team at Integritive, Inc. for more information on how we can help boost your organic website traffic.

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