Integritive’s Tips For Etsy SEO 2020


With a growing percentage of shoppers now preferring to make purchases online, e-commerce sites are quickly becoming an attractive option for small businesses. 

One of the biggest of these sites is Etsy, which specializes in handmade items. If you’re considering selling through Etsy or have an existing Etsy store but want to optimize your listings and boost your sales,  then read on for Integritive’s Etsy SEO tips!

Step 1: Simplify Your Product Listing

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When you’re creating an Etsy listing, simplicity is the name of the game. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Use clear and accurate descriptions of your item. No matter what you’re selling, make sure your product’s title, tags, and descriptions make sense and use relevant keywords. 
  • Adhere to character limits. Etsy allows up to 55 characters for a title and displays the first 160 characters for the item’s descriptions. 
  • Front-load keywords. Your description can be longer than 160 characters, but place your product’s vital keywords within the first 40 characters. 
  • Don’t forget to tag. Etsy also allows for up 13 tags to further describe your item. These all provide ample opportunity for keyword-rich language. 
  • Be accurate and consistent. Remember that your listing’s title and tags should be the same, and both should accurately describe your product.
  • Don’t skip any form fields. Make sure you fill out item attributes and include all relevant information. Buyers are going to be interested in information about your product and an informative product listing is useful. 


Step 2: Master the Keyword Game

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Now that we’ve discussed titles and descriptions, let’s discuss something important: keywords. A well-written tag is useless without commonly used keywords. How can you find out which keywords are best for your Etsy listing?


  • Google keyword planner. Tried-and-true SEO tools like Google Ad Manager can help you with keyword planning. 
  • Specialized Etsy SEO tools. Tools more adapted to Etsy include Marmalead and Etsy Rank
  • Etsy’s seller handbook. If you need further insight into generating keywords Etsy even offers a handy guide on how to create these keywords! In fact, Etsy has a guide for just about everything you might need.


Step 3: Get Those Reviews!

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Nothing increases a brand’s trust like customer reviews. Here’s how to give your brand some authenticity:

  • Ask customers to give feedback on your products 
  • Buyers that see the positive feedback from other customers will feel more comfortable with making a purchase
  • If you’ve had positive experiences with your customers than consider reaching out to them and asking for a review 
  • Make sure to ask for their honest opinion, good or bad 


Step 4: Off-page SEO for Etsy


You might think that as long as your listing is well-written and uses relevant keywords that you’ve done everything you can. But there’s one last thing you can do to help your item’s listing: backlinking!


Etsy, just like any other website, wants traffic and users. Try reaching out to a popular blog or website to post a link to your Etsy products. You’ll likely be rewarded for your efforts! Not only does this create some great publicity with blog users, but you may also notice your product move up in search rankings. 


Bearing this in mind, creating backlinks to your product pages can be an effective strategy. Just remember to keep these links relevant to your product!


Final Tips

  • Keep product titles, descriptions, and tags relevant and keyword driven. Use phrases that customers commonly search for. Try to use a few terms; don’t keyword stuff.
  • Do your homework. With so many keyword tools available, it’s easy to find what potential customers are looking for.
  • Try to encourage your customers to leave feedback on products. Well-reviewed products are more likely to attract more customers.
  • Create backlinks wherever possible. This can be on your personal pages or through links on pages relevant to your content.
  • Finally, make sure to update your store consistently. Regularly adding new products helps with your search engine rankings. 


For more help with your Etsy SEO needs, reach out to Integritive and let us assist you! Our team can help you optimize your e-commerce listings to get the sales you want.

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