Mobile-Friendly Websites Now an Absolute Must


In April 2015, Google changed their search algorithm to reward websites that are mobile-friendly with higher rankings. Part of the reason for this change was to accommodate for the fact that 45% of organic search engine visits in the US are on mobile devices according to Statista. The same report also notes that mobile B2C sales in the US account for almost $59 billion in sales, with that amount projected to reach $200 billion by 2018.

It’s no secret that we’re addicted to our phones, and as a business, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on traffic, sales, and attracting new customers. Luckily, Google also rolled out an easy-to-use mobile-friendly website test that just requires the user to type in a website (be sure to include the http://www. portion).

Within seconds, you’ll see, “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly” like the results we received testing our website:

Blog 8 Image 1


Or you’ll receive the message, “Not mobile-friendly” with a list of reasons why, like the results for Reddit.com:


Blog 8, Image 2

Google even provides a list of reasons why the tested website failed. In the case of Reddit’s website design, the text is too small to read, links are too close together, and a mobile viewpoint is not set.

Google didn’t implement this algorithm change to punish businesses; instead, they are all about improving the user experience and acknowledge that people want to be able to easily navigate any website whether they’re on a desktop or on a mobile device. Search Engine Watch shares insights about exactly what users want out of a website mobile experience, and some of the top responses were:

  • Prominent contact information, address, and business hours
  • Click-to-call phone number
  • Pricing
  • A menu of products or services
  • Photographs
  • Basically having the same information available on mobile that exists on the desktop version

If your website fails the Google Mobile-Friendly test, contact us today and our Asheville website development team can get your site back on track!

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