Get your time back. Automated marketing solutions to keep customers engaged 24/7.

From powerful social media management, granular website tracking, email listings, blogging and customer relationship management… Digital marketing is time-consuming and complicated.  Our marketing automation platforms make it easier to stay connected to your customers and boost your results by increasing your leads — and won’t require hours of your time trying to figure out what it all means.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Put an end to email blasts and start conversations that convert. We track visitor behavior beyond the initial email click-through to figure out what truly motivates your customers.

Social Listening & Marketing

What is marketing automation?

You know your business inside and out. So why is marketing keeping you up at night?

Integritive offers automation tools that give you back your time and creativity. We help you make sense of the data and target hidden sales opportunities. You’ll be able to manage multiple communication streams with ease.

  • Real-time website analytics
  • Behavior-based tracking
  • Social media management
  • Dynamic lead forms
  • Blog creators
  • Flexible CRM that works alone or with your preferred platform

Imagine how much you could grow your business if you understood what makes your customers tick and had the resources to act on that data!

How marketing automation helps grow your business

Whether you’re a marketing team of one (just you!) or you have a department of pros, your business will grow when you automate what you can and focus on the creative work you’re best at.

  • Stay consistent with social and blog posting
  • See real-time website traffic data
  • Track visitor behavior beyond the email open
  • Get daily lead lists based on actual user clicks to convert sales
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Make the most of your time and money with powerful automation tools that make marketing easy.

Let automation fuel your success.

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