Hidden River Events Website

Capture the vibrance of their venue to attract new customers.

If you have ever attended a wedding, there is probably something you can recall about the setting, the ambiance, the decor. If you have ever planned a wedding, you know how much work goes into creating those memories not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone who attends. Hidden River Events is an event and wedding venue located near Asheville, NC that focuses on creating more than just a memory, they create one-of-a-kind experiences for their guests. With over 17 acres of beautiful farm land, onsite housing, seven event locations and full catering, flowers and officiant services, brides and grooms get to focus on enjoying the experience instead of the stress of creating it.

Hidden River came to us looking for a way to showcase this breathtaking venue and their services in order to attract new customers, while also creating a manageable system that the owner and staff could update. Once we met their owner Jeanne Sommers and got to see photos from past weddings and events, we knew we needed to find a way to capture the same vibrance for their website that they create for their customers.

The Strategy

Planning a wedding or special event is partially about the facts: cost, dates, number of people, etc. More so though, it's about the image you create in your head of the experience. For Hidden River, creating a website where users could begin to imagine themselves in this experience was our biggest focus. Using their beautiful photos, we started by designing a website that focused on capturing those moments guests cherish most. We then focused on creating a strategic user-friendly experience that would guide users through the site allowing them to find the content and information they need while continuously reinforcing the imagery and experience Hidden River offers.

Equally important to the visitor's experience, we put our strategic focus on Search Engine Optimization. The wedding industry is a tough and competitive one that takes more than just knowing your audience. It takes finding a strategy that doesn't just drive traffic or increase search rankings, but really focuses on getting the right people to the site and eventually to booking the venue. All the while keeping in mind that the Hidden River staff need an easy to navigate and manageable back-end that allows them to edit and add more photos and content.

The Results

Just a few months after the launch of Hidden River Events new website, we have already seen monumental improvement in traffic, engagement and most importantly, contact with the venue and an increase in bookings. Here are some of the impressive stats Hidden Rivers has seen in growth:

  • Website Sessions are up 69%
  • Pageviews are up 88% with a growth of more than 10,000
  • Pages per Session has increased 11%
  • Bounce Rate is down 48%, meaning people are reaching the site for the right reasons and finding the information they need instead of immediately leaving

With our Ongoing Service Plan, we are able to continue to help Hidden Rivers fine tune their content and marketing strategies. We're thrilled to see how their story grows and hope you take a moment to experience their magic by visiting their site.