Taj Mahal Blues Musician

Share the powerful music of a notable blues musician.

“What inspires me most about my career is that I’ve been able to make a living playing the music that I always loved and wanted to play since the early 50s,” Mahal says. “And the fact that I still am involved in enjoying an exciting career at this point in time is truly priceless."

Part of what we love most about the work we do at Integritive is that we get to help share the stories, passions and inspirations of some truly amazing people. Taj Mahal is a prime example of this. Now on our third website for Taj, we feel so fortunate to have helped him share his music and talent over the years by building websites that allow him to connect and create a shared experience with his fans while staying relevant to the times.

The Strategy

While his music might be timeless, website trends and technology are not. For the past 8 years as an integritive client, our goal for Taj has always been to create new and engaging ways to help spread his music - no matter how technology advances. With this latest website, we focused on creating a visually relevant experience while also engaging his fans. Powerful imagery, integrated music players and easily accessible tour dates/news were just a few of the things that sets Taj's new website apart. The strategy here was more about getting fans and newcomers involved in the site, really showcasing everything that makes Taj and his music such a treasure.

The Results

Taj Mahal's latest website has already exceeded many of its goals. New Sessions are up 2%, Users are up 1.5% and Average Time on Page is up over 300% in only 4 months since launch. We are excited to watch how the website continues to grow and succeed. Most importantly, we are excited that Taj and his team love the website as much as we do, and hopefully you will too. Take a look and listen.