The Value of Backlinks


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Most people understand the importance of marketing campaigns, SEO, and email marketing. However, backlinks are the unsung heroes behind having a Google presence. Most companies have a blog to increase the number of backlinks to their site. According to HubSpot, companies that blog receive 97% more backlinks to their site. It’s essential to understand the importance of backlinks.

Quality Site

Google’s algorithm ranks sites based on how important the site seems to be. Sites with more backlinks linking to them are believed to be higher quality sites compared to sites that don’t have any backlinks. This can lead to stellar content ranked on the third page of search results. However, a few fantastic backlinks can instantly increase your Google presence.

Referral Traffic

Backlinks work wonders to help get a site to the first page of Google, but that’s not the only reason you’ll see an increase in traffic. People will also stumble across your website when they see a backlink on another site they are on. This is why working with relevant sites is crucial when executing your backlink strategy.

Long-Term Benefits

Backlinks may take time, but they offer unique benefits over time. Your backlink profile will grow stronger as you get more backlinks, indicating that you have a high-authority website. For years, many website owners have continued to see the fantastic benefits of having a solid backlink profile as their business grows. These long-term benefits are one of the reasons why this is so popular among business owners.

Higher Rankings

Many search engines consider backlinks when they decide where to rank pages on their search engine results. That’s why so many people utilize backlinks to increase their Google presence. Other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, also use algorithms to determine which pages should be ranked higher. This makes backlinks crucial to increase brand visibility.

Quality Backlinks

While backlinking is crucial, it’s essential to note that all backlinks are not equal. Every backlink should contain domain authority, relevancy, and trust. The backlink should be on a site that Google already has trust in with a high domain authority. It should also be a relevant site. For example, you wouldn’t post a backlink to a roofing website on a makeup website.

Backlinks are a crucial component of every SEO strategy. They can help you see desired results and get the customers you need. Contact us today at Integritive to discover how we can help your business grow.

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