5 Ways to Use Google to Boost Your Clientele


Are you getting the results you are hoping for with your online marketing plans? Many small business owners report they are not. What is keeping you from reaching the success you have hoped for? In most cases, it is a user error. There are five ways you can boost your clientele using Google that you can easily incorporate into your plan.

SEO Is The Way To Go

Getting the attention of Google starts with using the right SEO method. About 71% of marketers reported that strategic keywords were a winning SEO strategy in 2021. SEO has gotten more complex as Google's algorithms have gotten more advanced. Reaching out to a professional to shore up your keyword game and improve your SEO can be a game-changer for boosting your client base using Google.

You Need a GMB

Have you created a Google My Business account? If you have not, you need to. GMB is a great place to start for any business owner that is just embarking on their online marketing journey. Even well-established businesses that have made their mark online can benefit from GMB. It will help your business get recognized by local search results.

Address Negative Reviews

If a disgruntled customer has left a negative review on Google, find a way to make that customer happy so they will adjust their review. Negative reviews can really put a dent in building a larger client base. About 65% of consumers report that reviews both negative and positive help to solidify their buying decision. In other words, if someone is on the fence about your business, a negative review can push them in another direction.

Keep the Content Fresh

Make sure you are updating SEO content regularly. Stale content will not give you the boost that you need. Content should be engaging, informative, and managed well. Good SEO content is multi-layered and it is what will get Google's attention.

Keep Information Up To Date

Check local listings on Google to ensure all the information for your business is correct. Old outdated information is a huge obstacle to clients finding your business. For example, if phone numbers change make sure Google has the right information by googling your business and claiming the business as your own. An easy way to avoid any mishaps is to open that GMB account.

Of course, if you are struggling with online marketing, it is always best to reach out to a professional. Contact us today for more information.

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