Is Fostering Happiness a Core Value of Your Company?


Much like our dedication to ensuring that our clients’ web design makes them and their users happy, we strive to keep happiness at the forefront of everything we do. Of course we want to keep our clients satisfied, but we also focus on ensuring that our team is finding joy in their work as a unit and as individuals. There will always be bumps in the road, but we know that if we keep seeking happiness, we will find it again and again.

This thinking stems from Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi’s concept of flow, which Mihaly describes as people being in a state when “they are completely absorbed in the activity, especially an activity which involves their creative abilities” (The Pursuit of Happiness). With this in mind, we seek out clients who truly love what they do, just like we look for team members who love their craft—be it web design, web development, sales, or online strategy.

One way we cultivate flow and a satisfying work environment is by encouraging our team members to take on new challenges. CEO John Miles explained to AxiomNews in 2011, “When I find something that I can put in front of someone and say, ‘you can move through this new challenge, it may require new competency but that’s what we are here for.’”

So, we’re here today to give you a new challenge. To ensure we’re on the right track, we pause every quarter to ask three questions:

1. Are we happy?

2. Are we growing as people and as an organization?

3. Are we sustainable or abundant?

We challenge you to ask these three questions with your leadership so that you can foster a culture of happiness within your company and achieve new levels of success as a result. The answers to these three questions help shape the next quarter for us.

To learn more about creating an ethical and happier workplace, watch our CEO’s TedxAsheville talk, Happiness in Business and Innerpreneurship here, and watch Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Ted talk, Flow, the Secret to Happiness.

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