Start 2023 Off Right! Have You Started Your Plan?


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According to Excellent Business Plans, a business plan increases your chances of growth by 30%. Before the new year starts, you need to ensure that you invest time into creating a business marketing plan for a digital advertising focus. With a good plan, you'll be able to achieve your goals. Here's what you need to do.

Clarify Your Intent

Investing time in research & strategy helps to clarify your strategic intent. This is an important step that helps to empower members of your team. Correctly done, a yearly plan links directly to where you want to be at the end of the year and even five years down the road. It also helps you to define what's critical now to achieve success in the future. If you want to be a key player in your industry, you need to clearly express your intent. This will force you to come up with a digital marketing plan that enables you to become a dominant player.

Justify Your Decision

With your strategic plan, the decisions you make become justified instead of rationalized. There are two sides to this. First, investing time into research & strategy helps you outline the core priorities for the year. That enables you to say no to all the shiny objects that can derail you during the year. Secondly, having a digital marketing plan speeds up the process of decision-making by providing a framework to guide your decision-making. Whether you need to make decisions about buying a subscription to a particular service, hiring a digital marketing firm, or investing in some form of training, every decision will have to align with your strategic targets.

Focus on Your Core Customer

It's important to keep in mind that everything you do as a business is about the core customer. It's easy to focus too heavily on your plan and lose sight of that. Your customers should fall in love with what your plan brings to the table for them. Therefore, you should ask yourself how what you are planning to do will help you better serve your customers. For instance, if you improve your website speed, you're doing it to improve the customer's experience. The goal should always be to make the experience more exciting and user-friendly.

If you haven't started to work on your 2023 plan, you should start now. There's no better time to start your research & strategy with your team. If you need help developing your plan for digital marketing, get in touch with our team today.

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