Getting Your Website Holiday-Ready in Time for Black Friday



It's time to make some holiday SEO changes again. While it might seem a bit too early to start thinking about the shopping season, it's crucial to ensure that your website is ready for the Black Friday influx ahead of time. This will help you ensure that you can capture every cent possible during the largest shopping season. According to Oberlo, eCommerce businesses report more than double and triple boosts in revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, respectively. Here are some things you can do to prepare your website for Black Friday.

Focus On Your Website Speed

Did you know that most online shoppers and internet users, in general, will abandon eCommerce pages that take more than two seconds to load? Imagine if that happens to you on Black Friday. That would be devastating for your business. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure that your website loads super fast on Black Friday. There are a lot of complex and longer-term changes that you can make, but there are also simple last-minute tricks that can help you win. For instance, you can compress and resize the pictures on your website. This includes any images on the homepage and all the product images. High-resolution images can make your website load slowly. Another thing you can do to speed things up is to remove unnecessary third-party snippets. These also take up valuable loading time.

Optimize for Specific Keywords

If you have limited time to revisit all your assets and ensure everything is working perfectly, you should at least ensure that your eCommerce homepage and main product pages are optimized. The best way to optimize your site for specific keywords is to ensure they are included in titles, headings, descriptions, body content, image alt text, and URLs. If you use many product images, you must ensure that all of them have alt text. This will greatly improve your website's crawlability.

Make Sure the Website is Optimized For Mobile

According to the National Retail Federation, during Thanksgiving weekend in 2019, about 189.6 million consumers in the United States shopped and spent more during the five days than in previous years. This study reported that 75% of these shoppers were using mobile devices to search for products, make purchases, and compare prices as well. As such, it's very important to ensure that your website is easy to use on mobile. Some of the things you can do in this area include increasing the size of your buttons and font. This will better accommodate shoppers who will be using mobile devices.

These are just a few of the things you can do to prepare your website for Black Friday. The tips above will ensure that your website is optimized for speed, traffic, and search results. If you aren't sure how to do this on your own, get in touch with our team at Integritive today. Our eCommerce team will help you get the best out of your website during the holiday season.

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