The Importance of Valuing Customer Satisfaction


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According to Fresh Chalk, in searches that use both a city and a business category, Yelp links appear in the top five search results for 92% of searches. This makes the role of customer satisfaction even more important. In your efforts to drive organic traffic, don't forget to stay on top of online reviews and customer satisfaction feedback. Let's take a closer look.

Happy Customers Drive Organic Traffic

Even in our digital age, word of mouth still drives market opinions. Even if they don't leave an online review, customers may mention your firm on their social media accounts. This data becomes part of your brand's overall market profile. When there's a lot of positive buzz surrounding your company, it's likely due to a high rate of consistent customer satisfaction.

Good Customer Satisfaction Standards Create Higher Value Customers

When a customer enjoys the experience they have with your brand, they stick around. This makes them a higher value customer. There are no longer any attraction and conversion efforts needed to nudge this customer toward another sale. They're likely to buy what you're selling, now and in the future. This type of customer is crucial to profits. They're more likely to spend more money than new customers, and they require less marketing. It's always a great experience to have a lot of customers who don't need much prompting to keep buying your products!

Employees are Happier When There's a High Level of Customer Satisfaction

No one wants to spend their workday hearing from unhappy customers. Good employee morale and high rates of customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Going to work for a company that values its customers is generally a more positive experience. Employees like to be a part of something that feels good. It feels great to help meet and exceed customer expectations on a daily basis. And, companies that are more focused on customer satisfaction are likely to be more open to innovation, change, and collaboration. Employees are happier when they're offered growth opportunities. As firms with higher levels of customer satisfaction are typically more successful, they're great places to build a career.

Ready to drive organic traffic to your site? Organic traffic growth is one sign that your firm enjoys a high rate of customer satisfaction. Let us help you attain these positive results. Contact Integritive today to begin the conversation about our services.

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