Top Website Design Trends of 2022


Web design trends are fluid and always changing. A hot new trend emerges just as you start to define what excellent website design looks like. Additionally, there is a lot of competition since websites are being developed rapidly to reach and cater to a rising online user base. The number of websites has increased from 210 million in 2010, to over 1.8 billion currently. As a result, you must keep track of the latest trends to ensure that your website stands out from the rest and gives the correct first impression. Here are the top website design trends for 2022 to make things simple for you.

1. Dark Mode

It's not surprising that more websites are using dark designs, given how many users now choose to utilize "dark mode" in applications, emails, and other services. The dark UI is complemented with bright highlights and readable writing to enhance legibility, which may be why dark mode is so effective. Therefore, to draw attention to your website, consider giving it an ultra-modern appearance by using the dark mode theme.

2. Distinct borders

Web design enjoys evoking a sense of magic or, at the very least, the appearance that the content is carefully organized and floating freely in the digital space. In fact, websites are built on a rigid grid and are kept together by code. Web designers aim to become more authentic in 2022 with designs that show their structure through distinct borders. The obvious advantage of being able to tell one area from another is a visible grid. This allows for more content without making the page feel packed and makes the page easy to scan.

3. No Hero Pictures

The first picture banner you view on a web page is a hero image. Instead of relying solely on photos in 2022, web designers are employing typography and design to tell their stories. A good image adds visual appeal, but using stock photos is frequently a bad idea. Use text to express your ideas precisely. Combine it with layout and design for a truly fascinating experience.

Statistics show that 94% of visitors base their impressions only on the website's design. Because of this, everyone in the market gives it their all while creating a fantastic website. Nevertheless, designers favor utilizing the most recent web design trends to meet their goals. There are countless website design trends, but the ones mentioned above are some of the most popular and successful ones that are assisting businesses in expanding their websites.

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