What Different Colors Say About Your Brand and Website


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When crafting your brand, it’s crucial to pay attention to the colors you select. Different colors can impart different thoughts and emotions. Selecting the right colors is crucial for web design, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and more. Let’s cover some of the key considerations when building out a color palette for your business.

Red Means Action

Red can impart the feeling of energy and action. It’s a warm color, but be warned that it is aggressive, and may drum up feelings of danger or anger in the wrong context. Red is a tricky color to use in web design, and it must be deployed expertly.

Green Means Nature and Harmony

Green is a positive color that will get many people thinking of nature right away. Green is harmonious and peaceful. This color is especially effective if you’re selling products related to nature, like gardening supplies, landscaping, or tree services.

Blue Means Trust

Blue is one of the most popular colors and for good reason. It’s a bit neutral as far as industries go, and it's often associated with honesty and trust, which makes it ideal for companies involved in communications. However, just about any business can use blue no matter what field they operate in.

Yellow Means Optimism

Yellow signifies happiness and optimism. Think of a fresh dawn and a new day. This color can be quite effective when paired with other colors suggested by your expert web design team and brand management team. Yellow is also a bit less common than some other colors, so it offers a good way to stand out.

Black Means Sophistication

Black is a great color for companies looking to impart sophistication. It’s a relatively neutral color that works in a wide range of settings. It works well in the design and marketing industries because it's often associated with professionalism.

Make Sure You Get Colors Right

At the end of the day, according to Forbes, roughly 40% of consumers believe color is important for a brand’s website. This number may understate the situation if anything. Many customers don’t realize how they could be subconsciously impacted by colors.

If you’re looking for assistance with your web design and branding and need help with choosing the right colors, get in touch with Integritive today. We’ve helped businesses big and small with a variety of digital marketing efforts. We can help you expand your brand and secure success by building up high-quality digital marketing assets like your website.

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