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Businesses and corporations both large and small are affected by the ADA legislation.  For years Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is best known for regulating accessibility law for “brick and mortar” places of business, e.g. wheelchair access, acceptance of service animals, vision and hearing impaired, etc.  Falling under Title III are best-practice guidelines being established that bring focus on the digital age of website accessibility.

Using these guidelines, website compliance litigation filed by plaintiffs’ firms and advocacy groups has seen a significant rise over the years, and threats of litigation has seen a year after year average increase of 40%.

Prudent businesses should ensure website compliance now.  Contact us today.

There’s no escaping the potential legal risks of not having your website ADA compliant. Of the 57 million Americans with disability, 54% of adults living with a disability go online for information. Websites that aren’t accessible often frustrate users, causing missed business opportunities and potential legal risks.

One to One Contact


On new Integritive websites – we’ve got you covered. On existing websites, we have a process and procedure in place to audit your website and review the accessibility concerns.

1 : Review
We begin with a review of your current website to identify compliance risks. An audit of your entire website identifies accessibility problems that are not compliant with WCAG 2.0 and Section 508.

2 : Interpret
We translate our findings into a report that outlines all issues and our recommend solutions to fix them. The report provides the lines of code associated with each error, along with an easy-to-understand written explanation of the error.

3 : Fix
Your error report and website audit will contain specific instruction on what needs to be fixed to make your site more accessible. We can implement these fixes for you, or we can provide instruction for your internal team to address the errors.

4 : Maintain
We can monitor your website for changes that may not meet accessibility standards and identify new problems with compliance. Our team can help you maintain the compliance standards of your website for the long-term.

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