6 Ways Your Early 2000's Website is Sabotaging Your Business


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Do you remember the early 2000's? The world was a different place back then. Websites were basic and clunky, and there wasn't as much emphasis on sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. If your website is from that era, it's time for an update. Your website may be sabotaging your business without you even realizing it. This article will discuss some of the biggest problems with outdated websites and how you can fix them.

1. Outdated Design

Websites have come a long way in the past 20 years, and outdated website design can make your business look hectic behind the times. A fresh, modern website design will give your website a much-needed facelift and could help increase traffic and conversions. Look to choose a minimalistic navigation bar and condense your tabs and dropdown menus.

2. Slow Loading Times

In the early 2000s, fast internet was a luxury. Now, it's a necessity. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, potential customers are likely to click away before they even see what you have to offer. Slow loading times can be caused by several factors, including large image files, excessive code, and bad hosting. If your website is still loading slowly, it's time to upgrade.

3. Lack of Mobile Optimization

These days, more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet than ever before. If your website is not optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and potential customers. Ensure your website is responsive and can be easily viewed on all devices. In addition, take advantage of mobile-specific features such as click-to-call buttons and GPS directions.

4. Outdated Content

Outdated content can make your business look out of touch and behind the times. In addition, it can hurt your search engine rankings and turn potential customers away. To keep your content fresh, make sure to regularly add new blog posts, product pages, and other updates.

5. Lack of Social Media Integration

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach a larger audience and generate more leads. If your website doesn't have social media buttons or share links, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with potential viewers. Ensure your website is properly integrated with all of your social media channels.

6. Poor Functionality

If your website is difficult to navigate or use, potential customers are likely to give up and look elsewhere. In fact, according to a recent survey, 42% of people would stop using a website due to bad functionality. Make sure your website is easy to use and navigate. In addition, test all of your forms and contact information to ensure they are working properly.

Updating your website doesn't have to be a daunting task. By making a few simple changes, you can modernize your website design and give your business the online boost it needs. To get started transforming your website, contact Integritive today.

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