New Study Reveals Lifetime Value of a Blog Post


In August, we shared “Why Blogging Matters,” or, more aptly, why blogging the right way matters. Now a new study conducted by Izea, “The Lifetime Value of a Blog Post,” reveals that the value of just one blog posts last far beyond the website traffic it drives the day, week and month it’s released. In fact, the study shows that while “72% of impressions are generated in the first month…28% of a post’s impressions are left not counted in industry standard metrics.”

Value of a Blog Post | Integritive

So how long does one blog post help drive traffic to your website? Izea says it takes 700 days, or about two years, for a blog post to reach its lifetime value. That means a piece of content you publish today on your company blog could help a customer discover your company in September 2017. How’s that for ROI?!

If you think that it’s too late to start a blog or that no one will read it, think again. You want your website to be the hub a customer goes to again and again for information related to your industry, so your website design needs to not only be easy to use and beautiful (that’s where we come in!) but also highlight your quality content that is helpful and enjoyable for your prospects to read. That means answering every question you’ve ever received from a prospect in the form of a blog post or FAQ page and sharing insider information that will enhance the life of your biggest fans in some way. They in turn will share your content and trust your company more and more with each new, well-written post.

Having a blog on your website also gives you something meaningful to share on social media. Since the optimal length of a Facebook post is only 40 characters according to BestofPublished.com’s “The Ideal Length of Everything Online,” and Twitter only allows 140 characters, you can tease your blog on social through clever headlines or sharing a particularly engaging sentence from the post. And once the blog post is published, you can reference it time and again on social media, especially if it relates to a trending topic that arises next month or even next year.

Need some inspiration? Browse through “17 of the Best Examples of Beautiful Blog Design” according to Hubspot, then contact us implement your favorite on your own website.

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