Don't Overlook the Importance of Meta Tags for SEO


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When it's time for SEO, most people already know about simpler concepts such as how to use keywords. These things rarely change, however, there are several other critical factors that you may want to take into account. Meta tags, for example, are far more significant than most people realize.

What Is a Meta Tag?

Meta tags are little snippets that help tell search engines like Google what your page is about. Title tags are often referred to as meta tags because they're essential in SEO, but technically, they aren't meta tags. Headings are often called header meta tags and are essential for search engine optimization.

Optimizing Heading Meta Tags

Headings are as crucial as the title of a page. According to Ahrefs, when top search engines like Google ignore the title tag, they use the H1 tag 50.76% of the time. That means having a keyword-rich heading for the first H1 tag in every article, blog post, and landing page is essential. This ensures Google knows what your website is about and helps increase rankings.

Always Remember Subheadings

Subheadings, such as H2 and H3 headings, are also essential but often overlooked. As the Google bot scans your page, it determines whether the page is continuously helpful. This makes it necessary to use keywords in headings. You can also utilize a few lessons from semantic search engine optimization and use synonyms for keywords to ensure you don't over-optimize.

Meta Description Tags

Meta descriptions are another critical component of SEO. First, this description helps tell Google and other search engines more about the page or article. Second, it explains to internet users what the page is about, encouraging them to click on the title. This increases your click-through rankings. Use a keyword-rich meta description that entices readers to want to read more.

Blank Tags Are Dangerous

If there is such a thing as a negative SEO tactic, leaving your meta tags blank is one of them. When your site doesn't have a meta description, Google makes one for it, and it's only sometimes keyword rich. Google guesses what the keyword should be. Image alt texts are another type of tag. When these are left blank, it can decrease your rankings, including ranking on other search engines like Bing, and you miss out on valuable image search results listings.

Figuring out everything about optimizing meta tags can be a frustrating headache. That's why working with an agency specializing in search engine optimization is crucial. Contact Integritive SEO today for more information. We looking forward to working with you!

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