3 Benefits of Blogging For Your Website



According to HubSpot, a firm enjoys 97% more backlinks to the company's site when there's an active blog. There are many important benefits to blogging for your commercial website. And, as digital advertising remains popular, there are no signs of the trend reversing. Advertising is an important part of any marketing strategy, and including a blog in your marketing mix can yield very positive results. Let's take a closer look.

1. Gain the Trust of Prospective Customers by Providing Useful Information

Becoming a trusted resource through blogging is an effective way to position your brand as an industry leader. Using a blog can help your brand build relationships. Taking an approach where your blog is creating value for site visitors will position your brand favorably amongst the competition. Presenting information as a subject matter expert can also raise the esteem of your brand.

2. A Blog Can Help the Firm Build Its Email List

No matter how robust of a following your company may have on social media, having your own proprietary email list is essential. Social media platforms can come and go, and also lose popularity. Using your blog to build your email list is an effective way to expand the future reach of your advertising efforts. In order for people to give you their email, you have to provide something of value in exchange. Many blogs run weekly competitions or offer free e-book downloads. Weekly newsletters and subscriber-only updates are two other effective ways to grow your email distribution list.

3. Blogging Can Boost Search Results

Your helpful content always connects to search page ranking results. As more consumers migrate to mobile devices, they are using their smartphones and tablets for the majority of their shopping and product research. When your company's products and services are on page two of relevant search results, it can affect your bottom line. Regular blogging that's informative and provides value to readers can help boost your SEO efforts. Again, it's not enough to just have a blog. The content needs to be engaging and relevant.

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